when you trust the process


...My experience at the SIGYB retreat has  been an eye opening experience.  It has definitely brought me closer to God and to gain some understanding to what my purpose is. I gained life long sisterhood from this experience but most of all I gained deliverance. I learned that I'm not the only one struggling with this Christian walk, but now I know I have sisters that will support me and encourage me through this trying journey. This organization is a blessing to so many women and it without a doubt left and major imprint on my life. I will never be the same.

...As my first time attending SIGYB, I didn't know what to expect. I didnt know what was coming my way or how this whole experience would affect me. The theme was taking the mask off. During the process of that I bonded with women I met for the first time. We shared life experiences, we joked, we cried for each other, we laughed but most importantly we encouraged one another. We encouraged one another in the midst of our troubles, defeats and even in our triumphs. It was awesome to be in a setting where women could tell their truth and not be judged. I mean that's what sisterhood is all about, right? What inspired me the most was to see us women being there for one another in a time when women are so fast to tear each other down. We participated in workshops where women shared their testimonies on how they overcame, are still overcoming and/or have been delivered. We were allowed to be completely transparent in release sessions where we poured out our hearts. The overall positivity in the atmosphere was contagious. The love was overwhelming. And the movement of God was real. After the weekend was over, I walked away knowing I wasn't alone in what I was dealing with. I had 40+ more sisters that had my back! I walked away yearning for a stronger relationship with Christ, I walked away knowing I wouldn't be defeated...I walked away changed...thank you SIGYB.

....I want to first thank God for always waking me up to see another bless day when plenty of times I didn't deserve it. I thank him for his love,mercy and grace towards me. He knows I'm not perfect and that I mess up repeatedly if wasn't for his love where would I be. Even when I felt like throwing in the towel and just couldn't bare Jesus Gave me the strength to stand. I appreciate each woman on my first actual retreat honestly I didn't know what to expect but My God did He Do some wonders.  I was around strong loving independent victorious ladies each shared  mind blowing testimonies that has touched me physically , mentally and spiritually. I thank God For them. Because hearing these stories of pain,struggles any type of hardships have made me stronger wiser and encouraging. I loved the spa treatment and also rock climbing. I thank God for Ericka and Kelita, Lady Teresa Marylin, Alicia, Eva, Deasia, Winsong for those powerful testimonies. I thank all the women who have shared they inner thoughts, dreams and goals. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I thank God for the deliverance released and because Jesus loves me he gave me another chance. 

...First and foremost thank you Evangelist Ericka Brown (my sister forever) for the most amazing weekend ever.This year was the first time I attended sister I got your back retreat what an uplifting, unforgettable, spiritual time I had. I have to admit I was a lil nervous because I was wearing so many mask that I thought I couldn't get rid of but God had another plan for me this weekend. I was around the most bravest women who were going through the same things as me they gave me strength to remove my mask and fight for what belonged to me. Behind my smile was a woman that was hurt by church, felt like I was failing as a parent, my marriage was failing, grew up with out any parents, the list could go on. I know longer wanted to be held down with this baggage anymore I knew it was time to take the Band-Aids off and let my wounds heal. Through God's strength and mercy and all my new sisters I am  ready for my heart transplant these will be my sister's forever. Thank you sister I got your back for this wonderful breakthrough blessings and love from your sister...

What is the Big Deal?

I'm glad you asked! The suffering with depression, low self esteem, low self worth is at an all time high for women all across the globe. This sisterhood is geared toward the building and encouraging of those who are suffering from this disease.